Monday, March 10, 2014

sxsw festival clothing....

Happy Monday! It's that time of year again in Austin. You know.... when tons of tourists flock here for SXSW. If you're not from Austin and have never heard of SXSW is kind of a BIG deal. SXSW is a music, film and interactive festival that lasts for a few weeks. There are tons of things to see and do during these hectic 10 days... there are concerts and shows, movie screenings, and lectures to attend. Some are free and some will cost you a pretty penny if you buy the badge. The traffic and crowds are pretty intense but if you're brave enough to venture out you may run into some fabulous movie stars. I myself have never braved the crowds but I've heard some mighty fine stories! This year I'm actually going to participate in a well known trade show The Renegade Craft Fair! I super nervous and excited all at the same time. I really am not quite sure what to expect this year because SWSW is bringing in so many people and The Renegade Craft Fair (RCF) is right next door to Butler Park. Eeeeeeep! Just the thought of hauling everything down South in traffic and setting up gives me the jitters... luckily I will have my BFF Christopher Marshall with me. 

What I am looking forward to is meeting new people and seeing some old familiar faces. I love trade shows because it gives me a chance to talk to people. I love interacting with my customers and chatting it up with other vendors. It's a bonding experience really. It is exhausting at the end of a long day but you definitely feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you are through. I also get a kick out of "people watching". I love to see what people are wearing.... all the ladies get dressed up for each other. I completely fell in love with the way girls dress here in Austin. I remember when I first moved here from Ohio... thinking how different it all is. How effortlessly chic they are. It's true... it gets pretty hot down here so the ladies tend to wear less makeup. Less makeup and less product in their hair. There are a lot of tiny dresses and cut off jean shorts. It makes sense when you think about the functionality of it all. I too am preparing for a warm Spring and hot Summer. I bought this flowy blouse with Mandy Bustamante of Nestled in Nostalgia at H&M a week or so ago. I never really venture to the Mall... let alone H&M. I tend to shy away from H&M but on this day everything was calling my name. I promptly purchased this blouse and hat and ogled everything else in the store.


This is a friendly little nod to Boho chic or Festival clothing. Normally I don't wear this much jewelry because I feel like I get "tangled up" in everything but I just bought these tiny stackable rings that I dearly love. The bangles came right off after the photoshoot as they make "too much noise". Ha!

I've been super excited about Spring and Summer! I've been "Pinning" like a crazy woman!! I made a few new boards on Pinterest full of summer looks, bathing suits, and patio's. I can't wait to share some of my fabulous finds. I truly get inspired!!! There is other excitement going on in the Hart household as well.... a few days ago we once again became proud parents of five fuzzy baby chicks! I can't wait to introduce them to you all. We usually wait a few weeks to name them because unfortunately some of will perish. Right now all of them seem to be pretty strong... we just have to watch them closely until they get a tad bit bigger and then we'll slowly introduce them to our other chickens. It's so much fun to watch little baby chicks grow up into adult chickens. We've been getting a ton of eggs from our two girls Betty and Molly. They are laying like champs! I'm such a proud Momma! You can read more about our babies here. In other news we've been planting our spring garden and tending to our backyard. It's our "little oasis". It's pretty much where we spend our days... lounging out back. I'll be posting about our garden here shortly. I can't wait to share with everyone what we having growing!

This next week I will be M.I.A. for awhile while I participate in The Renegade Craft Fair. If you're a native Austinite you should pop by and visit. Don't forget to print out your guest passes first! If you can't venture out then you can always stay updated by following me on Instagram here. I'm forever posting images of all the shows I participate in and or attend. Hope everyone is having a great day!!



  1. LOVE this look- what good finds! I have always wanted to go to a Renegads, I doubt one will ever be in PHX so I'm going to have to make some travel plans involving it one day :) I'm sure you will do really well, your stuff is so creative and fun!!!

    1. Why thank you Lisa! That means a lot coming from you! (You're one creative lady yourself.)