Thursday, August 28, 2014

Concrete jungle...

 Yay... it's almost the weekend! This week has kicked my ass in more ways than one. It seems like the last two weeks actually have been especially rough on me as a matter of fact. I'm trying not to let certain things get me down in my personal life and in the small business world but I feel like I'm getting hit left and right by all sorts of obstacles and challenges. I'm trying not to feel defeated but sometimes it's just so hard...

I don't want to get too much in depth about my personal woes because well... they're personal and I don't like to air my dirty laundry online (social media makes it too easy). Plus it's outta respect as well.
I have however been feeling uneasy about certain situations and decisions I have made recently. 
I just have to keep reminding myself that I came to these decisions based on what was best for me, my health and for my future. I'm slowly learning that I can't control other peoples reactions... that I can only control my own. Sometimes it's hard because I want to express how I feel (verbally) but then I have to take a step back and tell myself that it's just not worth the effort nor the pain and stress of it all. I feel that it's best in certain situations to just walk away.

I've also been getting a lot of rejection in the small business world lately... sheesh! It's bumming me out  because I work so damn hard to try to get my name out there either by making cold calls, e-mailing stores and people about possible opportunities but it's just one rejection after another. At least I can say I'm trying though.... it's better than not doing anything at all. I think it's just hitting me extra hard because of all the other situations that are occurring in my personal life right now. It's like the cherry on top of the cake. 

Let's take a brief moment to appreciate my new shoes.... 

Let me change the subject to a lighter topic... how bout this amazing dress borrowed from 
Hannah of The Braided Bandit. Meow!!!! I never ever wear animal prints but I loved the shape of this dress so much and I'm also trying to do new things so I thought "why the hell not?" It looks pretty good eh? The color is awesome and it fit so well. 

I've been styling my clothes just a tad more edgy than I used to in the past... I actually love the way I've been dressing lately. I've been rockin' the heck outta some little baby doll dresses. I actually feel good about myself for once in my life (self esteem issues) and I feel like it's transcending to other areas of my life as well. I've just got to stay positive and believe in myself and focus on the solid relationships that I have in my life. I have an awesome husband and very supportive sister and a BFF that has proven to be there for me through thick and thin and I am so grateful for all them. As far as my business goes... the only thing I can do is just keep trying. I'm never going to give up on my dreams.


Dress: Borrowed from Hannah
Sunnies: Target
Chain necklace: Forever 21
Rings: Forever 21
Earrings: Old Navy
Knee Socks: Target
Shoes: Target
Lipstick: Wet & Wild

Monday, August 25, 2014

Boom Clap

Happy Monday! I'm back wearing another borrowed dress (if you can even call it that... it's so short) from Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles. I just love Marisa's style so I'm naturally drawn to all her fabulous little pieces. I say "little" because the last two (including this one) I tried on are super tiny and short. That didn't stop me from wearing it as a dress though.... my best asset are my legs so the shorter the better I always say.

Of course you know I had to rock some knee highs. I chose black to match the bow and then everything else just came together. I'm seriously loving these new black platforms I purchased from Target. They make my legs look super long and are surprisingly not that hard to walk in.

This weekend was the best! We actually intended to be headed outta town to Port Aransas, Texas but then our plans fell through so we had a "staycation" instead. We worked on the house making improvements here and there all weekend. I finally got around to hanging all the artwork that I have been saving from trades (with fellow artists) from various shows over the last year and the Mister installed some sun shades and accent curtains to our screened in porch making it much nicer to sit outside and now we have more privacy. It looks amazing, unfortunately it took a lot of work on his part and two trips back and forth to IKEA. Ha! It was worth it though because it looks and feels like a little oasis out there now. 

Slowly our little Modern house is coming together. I just love our home so much... we really have changed and transformed it little by little over the course of five years or so making it into "our own." It's taken awhile but it's our pride and joy and is such a relaxing environment to come home to.

Gah.... I just have so much fun playing dress up in other people's clothes! Especially little doll baby dresses, I just adore them and they always seem to look pretty darn good on me. 

The Mister bought this little clutch for me years ago from one of my favorite local boutiques SoLa. I totally forgot that I even owned it until I rediscovered it again the other day in my closet 
(which is completely packed right now). I forgot how much I loved it... I really do need to get in my closet and re-arrange things so I can actually get to some much missed items.

Swish! The Husbear instructed me to do a "hair toss" and this was the outcome. Cute huh?

Thanks for stopping by my little bloggy! Feel free to leave a comment... I just love to read and respond back to them. Here's to another week and the end of August. I can't wait to see what fun things September holds for me. Later kittens!


Dress: Borrowed from Marisa
Knee socks: Target
Platforms: Target
Clutch: Sola
Earrings: Claire's
Sunnies: Target
Lipstick: Wet & Wild

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Adventure's in Texas

Happy Hump Day everyone!! This is a very fun post indeed. I've been saving up some pictures that I've taken from all of our little adventures around town and out of town and have put them all together to share with all of you right now! Yay! 

Texas is a very fun place (as you may already know). I don't care what anyone says... The River Walk in San Antonio is super fun. I know people from San Antonio always mention how it's "played out"... but I think it's just delightful. I guess if you've lived in San Antonio forever and have been to 

The River Walk a zillion times I could see how it could loose it's charm, but I've been there a total of four times and it's still makes me smile. I just love the stores and the delicious restaurants with all the old architecture all surrounding the quaint little walk way.

Don't forget The Alamo!!! It still amazes me just how small The Alamo actually is and how weird it is to be right next door to a Mall and across the street from Ripley's Believe It Or Not's wax Museum. Odd yes, but the history is just unbelievable. I still can't get over it!

I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with my baby cousin Sarah (whom just got hitched) to one amazing guy named Romy. Romy was staying on Base in San Antonio and Sarah just so happened to be visiting Romy before his training started... so The Mister and I jumped in the car and drove an hour to have lunch with them. I seriously never get to see Sarah and had to miss their wedding so this was a treat! It's so funny how much alike we are even though we are a handful of years apart in age and distance. You can't stop us Garriott's! Lol

Hey there little Froggy! These cute guys were everywhere when The Husbear and I went hiking a few weeks back down in The Gus Fruh  in Central Austin. Austin is peppered with amazing little spots to go hiking and even go swimming (when we actually get a good rain). Swimming holes are a must as well as cliff jumping and even climbing. When I say cliff jumping I mean jumping from a little cliff into water of course. Ha ha!

The limestone cliffs and rocks of Austin are breathtaking... coming from an Ohio girl that has never seen a hill in her life these are pretty amazing. Check out this fun tid bit I found...

Austin, the state capitol of Texas, sits in the central part of this huge state in a region called the Hill Country. This progressive and beautiful city, dubbed the Live Music Capital of the World, is the Heart of Texas. The city sits amid rolling, wooded hills studded with lakes and traversed by Texas’ own Colorado River and numerous tributary creeks. The hills range in elevation from 100 feet above sea level to over 3,000 feet. It offers 11,800 acres of greenbelt areas as well as North America’s largest urban bat population. Austin basks in mild temperatures and 300 days of sunshine a year.

 hills range in elevation from 100 feet above sea level to over 3,000 feet. It offers 11,800 acres of greenbelt areas as well as North America’s largest urban bat population. Austin basks in mild temperatures and 300 days of sunshine a year.

I bet you totally want to move here now don't ya? Check it out... 110 people move to Austin everyday! Yup, that's right. Based on The Chamber of Commerce's figures. Austin is the fastest growing cities in America flirting with the 2 million population mark. Wow!

Next on our list is The Blue Hole located in Georgetown, Texas. This watering hole 
(actually it's a damn surrounded by limestone bluffs) is a hop skip and a jump away from Austin. Georgetown is super cute as well... it would make a perfect "day trip" for any Austinite.

The water source which is provided by The San Gabriel River runs a lot warmer than usual watering holes.... which is really nice.

There is a shallow side just past the damn that you can sit waist deep in the water. When there has been enough rain there is a beautiful little waterfall that little children and dogs play in. This was Sophie's first time at The Blue Hole... she enjoyed it very much. There is never any really HUGE crowds or loud people hanging out which makes for a very peacefully and happy experience.

There is however a little limestone bluff that kiddos like to jump off of. Technically you're not supposed to and there are signs warning not to. 

This swimming hole is ideal for a floatation device since there isn't much to perch on... it's best to just float along the San Gabriel and soak up the sun. There is very little shade here so a hat is always key!

Next we have Pedernales Falls State Park which is located in Johnson City, Texas. 
This too is a short 45 minute drive and it's so worth the view and the drive through the Hill Country is amazing! There is Hiking and swimming available for $6 dollars per person. It is super hot in the Summer with little to no shade so bring water to stay hydrated. 
The swimming is delightful if you're not scared of leaches (inside joke).

Just look at that view! This isn't even after a big rain.... can you imagine what it would look like with even more water. There would be a waterfall and everything (hence the name of the State Park).

I went hiking with a group of friends and acquaintances for the whole day on Sunday and boy was I tired when I got back. Here's a good tip.... where hiking boots for sure and bring a camel back if you have one and sunnies and a hat. You will for sure need them!

Lastly, one of my all time favorite spots (every one's favorite spot) and the reason I fell in love with Austin is Barton Springs. They aren't kidding when they call Barton Springs "The crown jewel of Austin." Barton Springs is a natural spring located in Zilker Park fed by a segment of Edwards Aquifer. The springs where formed many many years ago during the cretaceous period and have continued to form leaving huge holes and caves for the spring water to collect in. Neato eh?

There are many beautiful Pecan trees scattered all along the poolside. The city is working hard to protect our trees and to save our spring as well as a very important little endangered salamander that live only in this area of water. That means there is a ton of maintenance that has been done here and will continue to go on in the future in efforts to keep Barton Springs at it's very best. 

Here's the view from the other side. This is the "free side" of Barton Springs that people bring their dogs to to swim in. The pool side they charge $3 per adult but it's soooo worth it. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this fun little post about my favorite places to hang out at in and around the fine city of Austin, Texas. There will be more adventures to come in the near future. 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shades of cool...

Happy Monday! I'm coming down from my "weekend high" right now. It was a BIG weekend for me and all that participated in the Austin Craft Riot Show. Thanks to everyone that made it out and braved the crowds. A special thanks to everyone that worked their buns off to get this show up and running!!! 
I'm taking advantage of using this Flock Together Remix post for my own today. I think I deserve a little break from all the hard work right? Plus I love love love this dress that I borrowed from Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles so much that I wanted to show it to all of my sweet followers that may have missed it.

This is seriously one of my favorite pieces that I've styled thus far. I'm obsessed with the cut, shape and not to mention pattern of this dress. 

I also got to show off my newest purse that I got from Bethany of The Betty Loo Project

I've been playing around with makeup a lot more these days and have found my favorite shade of lipstick. It's by Wet&Wild... can you believe it!?!

My outfit wouldn't be complete without my white knee socks....

You know.... to match the white bow of course!!

And there you have it folks. I'm super excited because I should be getting a few more pieces from Marisa soon ( I just adore her style). I can't wait to try out her other items and show them off right here. I'll also be featuring my favorite spots in Texas (mostly Austin) to venture out to and hang out. Weeeeee! Thanks for stopping by lovies.


Dress: Borrowed from Marisa
Knee Socks: Target
Clutch: The Betty Loo Project
Shoes: Macy's
Earrings: Claire's

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lady in Red... a flock together post.

Happy Monday! Hop on over to Flock Together and see how I styled this cute little red dress borrowed from Sammi of The Sourbrette Brunette


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Austin craft riot's summer show!!

Hey Ya'll! Austin Craft Riot's Summer Show is this weekend! Yay! I can't wait to get to meet new smiling faces and see some good ol' familiar faces as well. I'll be sharing a booth with my dear friend Jodi of Art Genius. We've got some real talented and crafty people in this years show... so don't miss out! This year it's $2 per person but kiddo's are free. There will be an awesome DJ and yummy food trailers stationed outside. I wanted to take a minute and show off some of the new guys that I've designed that are coming with me to the show....

This Hammerhead Shark is $65. I only have 1 in stock but if you miss out it's available in my 
Etsy shop made to order. I think it would look amazing in light blue as well, don't you?

This little Armadillo comes in grey and tan. I'll have three in stock available at the show 
(two tan, one grey). 
I'm pretty sure this are going to sell out fast! They are $95. each!!

I'm bringing one Moose with me. He's kinda big so he's priced at $120.

I've got two Narwhal's this year. One in light blue and one in pink. Aren't they just the cutest???
They are $65. each.

I made extra Unicorn's for this show so I'll be bringing four in various colors! Weeeee!
They are $95 each!

This Triceratops is my newest pattern. After my Husbear nagged me for about a year I finally made one. This would look amazing in a rusty sienna color as well. I only have this one available and will be designing more Dinosaurs later on after the show. This Dino is $65.

I also finally designed and crocheted a bat. You know..... cause I live in Austin!!!
Little batty is $55.

Here are some fun pictures that were captured at last years show. I hope to see my trusty repeat customers (I do love you guys). Unfortunately, this year I'm not trading with other vendors 
(a rule I had to make for myself because I let myself get too outta hand, and I need the money instead) and the only discounts I'm offering at this time are for customers that buy five or more heads at once. I will however be making special holiday promotions and be offering discounts in the near future. If you can't make it to ACR's Summer Show and want to check out my work I sell at Parts & Labour on S. Congress, A-Town on Burnet Rd, The Burlap Bag off Guadalupe and Toy Joy located downtown. I also take special requests online.