Monday, September 15, 2014

The crop top....

Happy Monday kittens! Wow, my weekend flew by super fast. Light speed almost. I've been super busy lately with my little crochet business. I came back from vacation with a bunch of orders to fill! I can't complain... this is what I wanted.... a successful business. I have to admit... I panicked at first, but I got everything organized and dove in head first. It's exciting yet scary at the same time... I love owning my own business though. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lets talk about this crop top! This is my first time wearing one ya'll... I never even wore one as a tiny child growing up in the 80's! I've seen other gals wear them and always thought to myself "Gee, I'd love to be able to pull that off." I never ever thought I could or would. I guess it's a small accomplishment. I fell in love with this striped crop top when I saw it at Forever 21. I liked the fact that it has long sleeves and has a high collar.... so it off sets the shortness (crop) of it. 

I think the secret to wearing a crop top (for us regular sized gals) is wearing a high waisted skirt or bottom paired with it. It covers all your lady parts while flattering your waist at the same time. I also like that you only see a sliver or hint of my stomach. Just enough.....

I also nabbed this awesome HUGE chunky chain necklace while I was there 
(which was my soul purpose for actually going to XXI). I saw it in Lucky Magazine and had to have it. I just love dressing up and accessorizing my outfits. I'm so much more into jewelry and makeup now than I ever was in the past. It's so much fun! This chunky necklace goes perfectly with my charm bracelet!  

Now that my bangs are growing out I've been paying a lot more attention to my brows... eye brows that is. Ha! I've never really had to fuss with them too much because my bangs always covered them up. Now I've been filling them in and shaping them more and they look amazing! I have four different products that I've found and use and just love. I'll have to do a mini tutorial and show ya'll what products I'm into lately. Squeeeee! 

It's so weird.... I've always had low self esteem (like majorly) but recently I've felt super confident and am actually learning to be "okay" with who I am as a woman. Why the hell did it take me 33 years to get to this point in my life? I guess I'm just a late bloomer so to speak. Better late than never I guess. Anyhow, it's awesome. It feels good.

I can't wait for the Fall weather to arrive here in Austin. We actually had a cold snap this weekend and I got a taste of Autumn. It was short lived and now it's back in the 90's.... at least it's not in the 100's anymore. I've got some amazing Fall outfits lined up and ready to go. I'm also looking forward to ALL Fall traditions including starting up our fire pit in the back yard. We just purchased a new one and are currently waiting on the cool weather and stores to start selling firewood and then it's ON! I love sitting in the backyard with The Mister, sipping on some Malbec (my favorite) reminiscing on our past adventures together. That's the best! What are some of y'alls favorite Fall traditions? 


Crop Top: Forever 21
Skirt: J Lo (thrifted)
Purse: Vintage Coach (
Shoes: Target
Gold chain: Forever 21
Charm bracelet: Claire's
Sunnies: Target

Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Girl... a flock together post

Hey there kittens! I'm blogging over at Flock Together today. See how I styled this adorable baby doll dress borrowed from the lovely Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles. Meow!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

La Jetee'

Hello there!!! I'm back from Port Aransas with the Mister. It was a beautiful and relaxing fun filled four days.... I really wish we could have stayed longer but we both had work we had to come home to (which isn't always a bad thing) especially when you love your job like I do!

Speaking of my job.... I have some interesting news that I can't wait to share with everyone! I have to wait just a tad bit longer to let "the cat out of the bag" but it's really exciting!! Eeeeeep! There are many doors opening up for me right now... which is funny because the last two weeks have been really troublesome for me emotionally and mentally. It looks like this girls luck is turning around!!

I'm standing on our favorite pier where the Mister and I watch the ships come and go. It's pretty cool to see all the HUGE tankers tuggin' away with all the little friendly dolphins swimming along side. My favorite are the little sail boats... I would love to learn how to sail someday. It's a small goal that I could totally see myself achieving. 

I was super excited to get a chance to wear this sailboat dress again that I purchased from Mod Cloth. I just adore it and it's totally appropriate to wear to the beach! 

I decided to pair the dress with my favorite "go to" red cardigan and my new shoes that I scored at Target a few weeks ago. I usually don't wear my hair so tightly pulled back but it was humid as all hell and I am growing out my bangs. They are at that "awkward" phase where I just am not quite sure what to do with them. Ha! The look ended up being cute and I was pleasantly surprised... so there you go.

I just love planning my outfits for when the Mister and I go to the beach! It seriously makes me giddy... I go crazy thinking of all the was I can style my clothes to get that "nautical look." I ended up over packing and not being able to capture a few looks that I wanted to squeeze in, but there's always next time.

I even purchased some round, white framed shades from Mod Cloth specifically for the beach but sadly they didn't make it to my house in time. It's cool though.... I have plans for them in future photo shoots. They are very retro and give off that "sixties vibe" that I can't seem to get enough of.

The Summer is winding down and there is only a few more weeks until it's "Officially Fall." Unfortunately, it won't start to cool down around here till November. I still look forward to all the Autumn and Fall traditions... such as pumpkin carving, Halloween costumes, eating or drinking anything with pumpkin spice in it and scary movies!!! There are still a few more things on my Summer "Bucket List" that I'd like to do but all in all this Summer has been one of the best that I can remember. I've grown and made a lot of changes over the course of this year.... I also became a healthier person mentally and physically since my illnesses. I've overcome a lot of obstacles and have set goals for myself that I've actually achieved. When I look back at the person I was a year ago and the person I am today it's quite shocking to see the change... mostly it's all internal. I've taken huge strides to get to be where I am now with my business, and in my personal life. I am the happiest I've been in such a long time and have my Husband Matt to thank for most of it. Gosh.... I didn't mean to get all gushy on you guys!

Thanks for stopping by my little ol' bloggy! I just love comments and responding back to them so feel free to leave one.


Dress: Modcloth
Cardi: Target
Shoes: Target
Sunnies: Target
Earrings: Old Navy

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our green house tour

You asked for it... so now you've got it! I've finally put together some images of the inside of our modern home so ya'll can get a feel for how "this ol' lady" lives. There's a few things we learned as we were photographing the interior of our house. 
1) That we have a plethora of windows making it almost impossible to take a picture with a flash because there are reflections everywhere...(like they are ghosts or something). 
   2) It's also impossible to take a photograph without a flash. There are many blown out images with silhouettes (aka me). Ha! We did the best we could with what we had to work with but it gives you a good idea of how we decorated our green little modern humble home.

This is our rustic bench that we found off the side of the road one day. It makes a perfect place to put out crazy overgrown aloe plants. P.S. These plants stab me whenever I get out of the car... but for some reason I still haven't moved them yet. I must like the pain....

Oh hi there! Here I am in the living room/dinning room/entry way. Did I mention we live in a very small home? When you live in a two bedroom home with no separating walls you kinda have to improvise. This is the view entering from the side of the house near the carport.... normally I wouldn't be hanging out on the couch like this but I thought I'd jump in this image for your viewing pleasure.

One of our newest plants that we just purchased from Ikea.... we love plants and also Dinosaurs.

This cardboard deer I bought for Matt as a Christmas gift from Uncommon Goods. It was way over priced for the size it was but it's been up on are wall for a good four years or so I guess we like it. 
Also, our walls are lime green.... we love color!

My new favorite corner.... I just bought these yellow/green lamps from Target on clearance and the little candle to match. The candle smells like poop so we don't light it but it looks good so there you go. Cacti is a really easy plant not to kill.... especially when they are plastic like these guys here. Matt was so mad at me when I bought these guys from Hobby Lobby back in the day but I like them because I never have to worry about them... I just have to dust them off every few years. Ha!

We got this old clock from my Grandparents house after they passed. It's the only thing I felt like I had to have.... I packed it in my suitcase and flew it back to Austin with me. 

I also have a HUGE collection of vintage cameras on display throughout the house. This one isn't too old but you get the picture. (Pun intended)

Another happy plant in the corner of our home. This guy is real!!

A view from the other side.

Some art we purchased from Etsy a few years back.

Hello again!

Our mini Ikea table. We bought this guy when we first moved to Austin... we had to get rid of most of our furniture when we moved and we needed something small to fit in the corner of our tiny one bedroom apartment at the time. 

Here I am in the TV room... this is where we spend most of our time either watching the boob tube, crocheting and reading. 

Sophie spends a lot of time sleeping here too. She tries to find that one patch of Sun coming through the window and promptly falls asleep.

Here's our Jungle of a backyard...

Lucy and me just chillin' out.

I finally hung up our artwork that we've been collecting over the years. I'm a big believer in supporting local artists so much of our pictures/paintings are from my crafty buddies and friends I've meet along the way...

No home is complete without a Star Wars shrine.

and some air plants....

Did I mention I collect vintage typewriters as well?

Some lovely art by Kelsey DeLange.

More vintage cameras and artwork by Tiny Deer Studio.

Here's the fabulous entertainment center in all it's glory!!

More cameras...

A lovely illustration by Ryan Berkley.

And this Giant Squid illustration.... 

Our little bathroom downstairs... if you're wondering our floors are just polished concrete.

I spiffed if up a bit with a side carts from Ikea and some storage jars.

Some Ikea frames & art with vintage cameras.

New hand towels rule!!!

Our kitchen.

Hopefully we will be redoing the kitchen soon with new counter tops. We will be removing the microwave (which we never use) and putting in a hood vent and adding a back splash. It should look pretty swank. 

I love our Sputnik lights!! We got these from some dudes that were moving out in our neighborhood. We got them at a really price too!

We're obsessed with chickens... we have real ones too... but I'm sure you're well aware of that since I'm always postin' about our feathered friends.

Fridge art. 

We also have a little bar stool area to eat at. We got these awesome red stools from Matt's brother. They match our red & turquoise themed colors in our kitchen.

Let's venture upstairs.... that's where the magic happens. Lol.

Little nooks in the wall provide a great place to store your junk... I mean art.

At the top of the stairs I have some lovely artwork by Lisa Chow.

The hallway to the bedroom... to the left is where our laundry magically does itself. 
Just kidding... I do it all.

Welcome to my our bedroom. It looks like an Ikea showroom... does it not? That's what happens when you move to Austin without any furniture. You drive 30 minutes to Round Rock and buy the whole store.

More artwork by Jessica Lopez of Tiny Deer Studio.

My cute little nightstand with all the books I'm currently reading at this time... it's a lot.

My hat collection and all my "blingy" things.

Moving on to the Guest bedroom. This is the one room that we decided to keep and show off some of our vintage finds other than cameras. It's kind of like a little Den if you will.

This awesome pillow that I got in a trade from Lost Little Things.

Just some of Matt's fossil collection... that's right! My boy collects arrow heads and fossils.

Where I do my blogging... hey, I'm sitting here right now!

Our master guest bathroom (we skipped ours cause it's a war zone right now)

New nautical shower curtain that I just purchased from where else.... Ikea.

Squid art for our nautical vibe.

Some light reading material for the bathroom....

Another fabulous trade from Lost Little Things.

The Husbear fixin' up our screened in porch. We just spent all our money on screens to help cut down on the sun and heat. It seriously was worth the cash and has made all the difference. We also have way more privacy too.

In the Winter we have to bring in all our tropical plants and the inside of our house become a mini Jungle. It's kinda fun.

His & Her chairs. Designed and built by Matt. I helped paint one for like a second and then I got too hot and ran inside.

Our outdoor ceiling fan. Make sure you get one that specifically states it's for the outdoors... or else they get all droopy on you. We made that mistake.

We collect sea shells each time we go to the beach and then sprinkle them in our flower pots to add a little "something special" to our dirt. Dirt can always use a little something extra if you ask me. 

We ( I should say Matt) added cotton curtains to make the porch seem more "put together"... how regal!

Our little terrarium has become over run with succulents.... there's always room for more is what I say!

Little Lucy wishing she was indoors and out of the heat.

Some shots of the outside of our house... I'll do a backyard tour when we actually get our Fall Garden put together. One step at a time....

Banana Plants are the bomb!

Our feathered friends trying to stay cool in the hundred degree weather... poor babies.

There you have it folks.... I would love answer any questions about our little green home. 
It's very important to us that we try to live "off the grid" and be as self sufficient as possible in case of the zombie apocalypse (just kidding) so feel free to shoot me over questions about our solar panels, the nest, our garden and our baby chickens. We live in a green community called Agave and pride ourselves for being one of the most unique green neighborhoods in the U.S. I hope you all enjoyed this much requested post... I can't wait to hear your comments and questions!