Thursday, July 24, 2014

Featured on Emily Makes!

Hey ya'll! Check out this fun interview by the very sweet and talented Emily Spada of Emily Makes! Emily is a fellow designer and crafter, selling her handmade jewelry and textiles on Etsy seen here.
I had the pleasure of having a little one on one conversation with Emily and found out we had a lot more in common than I thought. Yay! Hop on over to Emily Makes! and see what all the hub bub is about.

An Interview by Emily Spada

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blueberry breeze

I'm feeling especially happy this week I could just erupt like a mini volcano! This Summer has been by far the best Summer I've had in years! I'm getting into shape and feel mentally awesome... is that weird? Can I say mentally awesome, cause that's what it feels like. I've been "in the zone" recently with my creativity. I've made some really adorable new patterns and can't wait to show them off. On top of that an old college buddy contacted me about making a crochet piece for his set design on a new kids show called "The Shazzbots." I'm really excited about it... more on that later.

These two new items I purchased at my favorite local thrift store. I swear it's a gift... I've been blessed with the amazing ability to spot cool duds from a mile away. Ha! It also helps that this thrift store happens to be "off the beaten path" as they say.... anyhow, I saw this cobalt blue gap blouse and had to have it. The skirt is a micro mini from Forever 21 and they just look perf together don't they. Like a match made in thrift store heaven!

The big hair is back and the bangs are parted in the middle like Moses parted the Red Sea.... swoon! I seriously have an itch to cut my bangs but I'll try to resist the urge. Sometimes it's so hard and I get super frustrated because I can't put them back yet. Almost... there... not quite yet.

Fun things are a brewin' this weekend. There is a possible pool party at a friends house (whom I haven't seen in like forever), there is also a very fun karaoke night planned. Whew! The Mister and I also plan on heading out to our favorite watering hole "The Blue Hole" again this weekend. We had so much fun last Sunday that we swore we would come back again and be really prepared this time with floats, a cooler, towels, ya know.... the works! 

That's about all the news in my little corner of the world. What fun things do you all have planned for this Summer? I'd love to hear all about them. Comments are always welcome. Yay!


Blouse: Gap (thrifted)
Skirt: Forever 21 (thrifted)
Sunnies: Target
Earrings: Stitch and Stone
Shoes: Macy's

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My best friends wedding...

Hey there kittens! I'm back with a little bit of a different post. You remember how I told you all that I took a trip back to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio for my dear friend Anna's Wedding? Well, here's just a few of the photographs that I captured of her and her new Husbear Tellis Hall. I've known Anna  for years... like since she was 17 and still in High School. We worked together (at a horrible job) and bonded over our shared hatred of the Company and the same people. You could say it was a "match made in heaven" or hell.... it was a crap job. Never the less... our friendship remind strong through our different jobs (if you can call it that) and life lessons over the years. So it was no wonder that she asked me to take her weddings photos.

I'm not gonna lie... I was completely nervous about the whole ordeal. I always get nervous when I do weddings but it ended up being a small, sweet, little ceremony followed up by a casual dinner party. It was very intimate gathering which was nice and took a lot of the pressure off me as well. Anna's Dress was beautiful and her choice of Sunflowers (my personal favorite) was just the the right "pop" of yellow. I adore Sunflowers... they are one of my all time favorite flowers. 

Anna and Tellis chose a beautiful Church in the middle of a corn field in Sunbury, Ohio. I loved that there was a corn field just right outside the church doors... so very Ohio! It was the perfect location to take a few images of the lovely couple right before the Reception Dinner. The Sun was shinning bright and it was just the right temperature. There couldn't have been a more perfect day.

Anna had a few poses in mind and since Tellis was in full regulation uniform it worked out just swell. This pose reminds me of the movie "An Officer, and a Gentleman." "Go get em' Anna!" Lol. If you haven't seen the movie then you really won't understand that last bit. 

I think I like this image the best. I'm so excited for them to start their future together. I can't wait to see what great things happen next. 

Of course they had to rent a Bentley to take them in true style to their Reception. 

I loved their wedding favors. Tellis's Mother made a huge batch of apple butter and special jams for everyone. In true Ohio style. Sigh.... I miss apple butter. It was a wonderful event and I'm so glad that I got to be a part of their special day. They are already starting their beautiful life together as we speak. They moved to Dallas for Tellis's new job and Anna too has taken a new job in the Art Field. I'm so happy for them and can't wait to visit them in Dallas. Hope you all enjoyed this very special and happy Wedding Day post.

Monday, July 21, 2014

"Hey preppy"

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a swell weekend? I started my weekend by taking Friday off and hanging out with my crafty lady friend Lisa of feto soap. Lisa and I headed to the Mall... if you know me at all then you know how much I hate Malls but I was on a mission to buy new trainers. I dread Malls because for starters I worked in retail pretty much my whole young adult life and it brings back horrible memories. Ha! Second, I really don't believe in buying "name brands" or from "huge corporations". I'm much more into shopping local and buying handmade whenever possible... don't get me wrong though... a girl's gotta go to Target to get her necessities. On the whole I would much rather buy from someone I knew took the time to make their product special and knows "their craft". Ya know? Anyhow... I had to buy some new kicks since I've been jogging so much... the old Saucony's that I had where so worn out and it felt like I was doing some major damage to my joints 
(especially my hips.) Ouch! I ended up buying trainers in the little boys section of Finish Line. I seriously hated all the women's style sneakers. What the heck designers!!! Not all women want pink and purple on their shoes (unless they are pumps). I settled on a pair of Nike Air Pegasus because they felt the best. They are black and white and that's cool with me since most my athletic wear is typically black or charcoal grey. Yay!

Saturday was pretty chill as well... I tested out my new trainers at Mueller Park... which led to me being sore all day but it was a "good sore". Then I crocheted a few Raccoon's for the Austin Craft Riot Show coming up in Mid August. I watched "Easy A" and sipped some red wine. Followed by some grilled chicken. The Mister finished building an Adirondack couples chair for our porch while I was inside crocheting. I love weekends like this where there is absolutely no plans whatsoever... you just do what you feel. I did manage to have The Husbear take a few photo's of me (soon to come) in some new thrifted clothes that I scored a few weeks prior. Gotta love thrift store scores!

This dress I actually purchased some years ago.... I just never wear it. I love it... it's cute and all, I just don't tend to choose it for some reason. Maybe it's because I usually don't wear purple... I  don't know. Well, here it is in all it's glory. I totally think I look like a prepster in these photo's.... not in a bad way though. I think it's the headband with the cardigan perhaps. I usually think I dress a tad more "daring" shall I say in comparison to this look. I'm shying away from the "good girl" look... I want to take more risks (in a subtle way) and appear more "provocative" dare I say? Ha ha! 

Well you'll be seeing more "sweet" with a hint of "edgy" in the next few outfits. I like the saying, 
"She is Whiskey in a tea cup." I think that sums up my personality pretty darn well. Thant's kinda how I feel about the way I dress too. Demure with a subtle hint of badness. Lol. 

There is nothing "daring" or "bad" about this look... just all sweetness.
I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend full of fun in the sun. I'll be coming back at ya with some short skirts and sheer blouses. Get ready kittens. Ha ha... what's your favorite "daring" thing to wear?

Dress: Francesca's
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Target
Headband: Claire's
Earrings: Old Navy
Lipstick: Wet & Wild

Friday, July 18, 2014

Geek chic... a flock together post

Hey there little bunnies! I'm blogging over at Flock Together today... hop on over and check out how I styled this sweet little sleeveless blouse borrowed from Elana.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Feelin' kinda mod

It's Hump Day guys! Yay! I'm double dipping with this photo shoot ya'll... if you don't already know I also am a contributing blogger of Flock Together. We are a group of awesome gals that share a common interest in fashion. What we do is swap clothes with one another and post about how we've styled the look. It's really fun and I've meet some amazing girlie's. This dress that I borrowed from Jana of small town, BIG SMILE is one of my favorites

The cut and color flattered me so much that I wanted to share this look with all my fellow fashionistas over in my little corner of the internet. I seriously wanted this dress for my very own but alas I had to say farewell to it and send it back to Canada. 

Of course I've got to be wearing my HUGE sunnies. My look wouldn't be complete without them. I loved this pair so much that I bought one pair in tortoise and one pair in black. Sunglasses are a must in Austin.

My favorite plant in our front yard "Bride of Barbados". 
It's so colorful it just makes me absolutely happy.

Knee socks are a fun accessory that I like to play around with. I have a whole sock drawer full of different colors as well as a crazy collection of tights. I'm addicted to tights... I think I have a pair in every color. Ha!

This darling little coin purse was bought by The Mister as a gift for me. He knows how much I adore owls. I have "a thing" for birds in general (hence the tattoos) but I especially love owls.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. My lady friend Lisa of feto soap and I have a little play date for Friday. I haven't seen Lisa in a month or so we should have a lot to chat about. We are actually going to the Mall. I usually don't go shopping at Mall's but I need to get new trainers for jogging. I haven't bought a pair of new sneakers in about 6 years and the one's I'm wearing now have no support and it's killing my knees and hips when I go jogging. It's time to fork over the big bucks for decent pair since I'm jogging almost everyday now. 

I think I'll hit up Sephora while I'm there too. I found this awesome face primer "that gal" by benefit and I absolutely love it. It's so amazing! I've been getting more into makeup over the last year and am having so much fun playing around with different looks. I love lipstick now! I used to shy away from it because my lips are on the thinner side but I've learned to "embrace my thin lips" and play up my other features. 

I'm addicted to faux eyelashes too. They are so much fun to wear and now that I actually know how to apply them without creating a huge mess it makes the experience much more enjoyable. I used to be so bad at it but I've had practice and you know what they say? I still haven't mastered the "cat eye" yet though. Someday.....

In the meantime I'm enjoying playing "dress up" with my big hair and bright lipstick. 

Have a great work week kittens! I'll be crocheting my little heart out over at my casa and waiting on the edge of my seat in response to my book proposel. Eeeeeeep! I'll be back with another fun post on Friday. Behave yourselves my little lovelies.


Dress: Borrowed from Jana 
Knee socks: Target
Coin Purse: Oh la la
Shoes: Macy's
Sunnies: Target
Earrings: Target

Monday, July 14, 2014

small goals, Big dreams

Well hello there my lovies! I had the best weekend ever... I'll go ahead and tell you all about it. It was low key, relaxing and fun. The Mister and I didn't hardly do anything at all... which was amazing. I love it when we make plans to make no plans at all... we haven't had a weekend like that in forever. I did manage to squeeze in a few mini photo sessions with the Mister though, but we made it really quick. I bought this dress a few months ago on a whim... it was at the thrift store and I usually don't wear that much orange or that much of a floral print at the same time but I was oddly attracted to it. As I've stated before I'm trying new things lately... such as more color, bigger and bolder accessories, bigger hair... what have you. So I picked it up and promptly purchased it without even trying it on. I figured I could just throw on a big belt to cinch in the waist and voila... I was right and it was totally worth the $7 dollars I paid for it. I'm also wearing (if you look really closely) some beautiful jewelry by Michele of Stitch and Stone (a lovely local Austin jeweler). I followed my heart and ended up with this darling little tear drop necklace (orange) and some beautiful drop earrings (also orange). I made Michele a sweet little crochet Deer for her Nursery and in exchange I got several pieces of her work. I love trading with people but my trading days have come to an end sadly... it's time I need to really crack down and try to earn some money. I do love all the exchanges (with other artisans) that I have made over the years but it's just gotten to be too much and I need to set myself some rules.

My bangs have finally reached a point in there "growing out process" where I can wear them parted in the middle. I no longer have to brush them over to one side... I have options now and I love the look of them parted in the center. It's been years.... like maybe 10 or more since I've grown out my bangs. I've just always had them. Sometimes they were blunt and other years they've swooped to the side. I don't have a horrible forehead or anything... I've just always liked bangs but it's really hard in the summer here when it gets so hot your hair just sticks to the back of your neck and forehead. Yuck! Also, I've been jogging a lot again and I just would really love to not have to pin my bangs back. 

Speaking of jogging... I've managed to shed 2 more pounds.... which to some people may not seem like a BIG deal but to a tiny 5ft 3inch frame it makes all the difference. It feels good to actually see some more change. After I lost my first 10lbs I stopped and haven't budged... but now I've started to lose again. Losing has never felt so good! I'm slowly transforming into my "old self" once more. Also.... this is kinda a big deal to me... I went "hiking" for the first time in about 3 years since being ill. When I mean hiking I mean serious rock and hill hiking along the Greenbelt down by the Gus Fruh. It was hot and humid and The Mister and I ended up all hot and sticky in the end but it was worth it. I felt like it was a great accomplishment that I owed to myself. Yay!

Now it's back to my regular work week schedule... a jog in the morning and then crochet all day. I actually got a few orders on Etsy over the weekend so that's nice... I'm also crocheting a bunch for Austin Craft Riot's Summer Show coming up mid August. That's always a fun one. It's a two day event held at The Austin Music Hall. There will be yummy food trailers and a DJ. I love doing fun shows like these where I get to see all the old familiar faces and get to meet new and interesting crafters and people. They are exhausting but I enjoy them a bunch... plus I'll get to be with my dear friend Jodi Hooper of Art Genius (we always share a booth). 

In other fun news... my other crafty friend Lisa of feto soap and I applied to be extras for the hit TV show "Top Chef" on Bravo which is filming here in Austin. That means we would get to be all dressed up and eat awesome food and hang out while they are filming all day. I haven't heard anything back yet but it would be pretty neat if we got to taste some "top chef" food prepared by masters of the culinary world.

That's about all the exciting news going on in my little corner of the world right now... Hope everyone's weekend was just as special and fun as mine was. Feel free to leave a comment.. I do love to read them all. Oooooo! Also, I'm linking up with the Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky
 (one of my favorite blogs) about acheiving your Goals. 


Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Target
Cardigan: Francesca's
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Stitch and Stone
Sunnies: Target
Lipstick: Wet & Wild