Friday, October 2, 2015

Chicken update...

Hello there! Wow, I've been really lazy with my posts lately... I've actually been having fun just livin' life and not living in front of the computer or behind my camera anymore and I have to say it has felt really good. I have a little chicken update for you all in case you were wondering about our little feathered friends. These are are three adult chickens that we have remaining. From left to right we have 
Whitey, Betty and Molly. Whitey we couldn't come up with a name for and at the time she had two other sisters that looked just like her and we couldn't really tell them apart so we just called them 
"the white ones".... Unfortunately, the other two both perished. One got heat stroke (we think) and the other was malled by a raccoon. It was truly horrid! Betty (the brown one) and Molly (the speckled one) are from our first two batches of chicks and have managed to hang in there. I have grown really attached to those two but I have to say Molly is my favorite. 

This is Whitey, she is a light tan Brahman. She is more of the aggressive one in the bunch.

Molly is a Wyandotte and is pretty shy but is very sweet and will let you pick her up. 

I had to take her to the vet for a split nail several times and developed a tight bond with her. 

These six fuzz balls are our new chicks! Although they are gawky teenage chicks now they were all very tiny a month ago... especially that little one all the way on the left. She is my favorite little chick and boy o' boy does she have grit. We ended up naming her lil' bit. We both didn't think she would make it, but she surprised us both. Actually, they all surprised us. Usually about half will perish just naturally and the strongest chicks will remain but in this case they all made it. This has never happened to us before... which is why I bought six, thinking that half would die. Nope... now we have nine total! Two Plymouth Rock's (the black ones) and four Americana's (the tan striped ones).

This little girl is one of the Plymouth Rock's. There are two in the bunch. They will grow up to be speckled white and black sort of like Molly and will lay white or light tan eggs. 

The other tan striped ones above are Americana's and with be various shades of light blonde, reddish and brown and depending on their color they may lay green or light blue eggs which are very beautiful. We seem to have a mixture of Americana color variations because one is definitely blond so of course we had to name her Blondie. Then we have one that is a golden shade and she is named Goldie, and there is one that is dark brown that is now known as Brownie and of course don't forget Lil' Bit. Lil' Bit has distinct markings around her eyes that now makes it easier to tell her apart from her sisters but she is catching up in size.

They are now so big that Matt had to build them a huge coop for outside. They enjoy meal worms as a treat on a daily basis. We like to spoil our chicks. There are many more images that I have taken since these baby pictures so I'll have to do another update soon. It's so much fun to watch these little guys grow up and change.... 


Friday, September 18, 2015

daisy duke

Happy Friday! If you've noticed I haven't been blogging very much lately... I haven't been doing much of anything except working these days. I must say this week has been very productive... but I'm still left with this sinking feeling of not getting enough done. To be honest... I'm terrified for this upcoming Holiday Season. I've applied to four shows and don't really have much of anything made as of yet. All my time and energy has been devoted towards my upcoming book and keeping my stores stocked. Yesterday morning I actually took some time to do something fun for myself. As you know... I love to play dress up, so I spent the early morning taking fashion pictures of my new outfits. I never get to "dress up" anymore because I work from home and it's really not necessary... I mean the only people that see me are my dogs. Ha! So... it's always fun every now and then to get all dolled up. 

It's been unusually cool here in Austin. Don't get me wrong... there are no complaints here. I've actually enjoyed life a lot more now that it's not balls hot outside. Sadly, it's not going to last that long.. it should be back in the 90's here this weekend. I'm so ready for Fall weather! Unfortunatly, we won't see or feel that kinda vibe here until late November perhaps... Oh well.... a girl can dream can't she?

Other than it being hot as hell here... life has been pretty swell. I had some help from my dear friend Lisa of lalafauxbois host a giveaway. That was pretty cool. Our little chicks are strong and very healthy and are also growing like weeds!! It's time for them to be moved outside into a permanent coop. 

I also managed to squeeze in a girl date with the gorgeous Katy of Wit & Bloom. Katy found a really cool pottery workshop for us to try out. It was too fun and I can't wait to take another when I can find some time. In other news... I've been looking at my girlfriend Pei of p.s.papershoppe's IG feed and am super envious of this "girl's road trip" that she's on with a few of my other gal pals. They have all taken a trip to Marfa, Texas and are currently staying at El Cosmico. I can't wait to hear all about it when she gets back home.

In just one week my dear Sister and Husbear will be in Austin and staying at our humble home. 
I'm super excited... it has been way too long since I've seen her face. That's not all either! Our longtime family friends will be staying in Austin the same time as well and we are all going to get together and break some bread and reminise about old times. It's going to be swell...

Until next time...


Top: Target
Daisy Dukes: Target
Boots: Old Navy
Flower Crown: Garden Head Co.

Friday, September 11, 2015

August in a nutshell

The Mister and I have been exploring our beautiful city and have been finding some really great spots to brunch at. This little hidden gem on the east side of town came highly recommended by 
Katy of Wit & Bloom. It certainly was delicious and oh so retro!!

Excuse the crazy amount of puppy pictures that you are about to see. I work from home and this one is always at my side.... 

Our beautiful Green modern home in Austin....

We live by a natural easement that is full of frogs and toads. Every now and then we'll catch one in our screened in porch and set em free....

Hippo's for days.....

Weekends are made for shopping for cacti and succulents.

The Mister and I tried our hand in infusing vodka. He made jalapeno vodka and I made Limonchello!

Farmer's Markets are our Jam....

Lazy bones Lucy...

Trailer food is the best, especially when you're with friends.

My backyard has turned into a giant kiddie pool where I like to lounge and soak up the sun.

Just a little selfie.

Does it ever seem like the older your dog gets the dirtier and dustier they get?

New bunny design in the house....

Plaque staining day is the worst!!!

Sophie likes to sit like a human and watch TV with me.

Sometimes I swim in real pools.... with Pei of P.S. Paper Shoppe.

I made some really delicious cilantro, lime sauce. Recipe to come laters.....

Made some new designs for my upcoming book due to be out August of 2016!

We grew some oyster mushroom from a kit!

I came home with 6 baby chicks... they have since trippled in size!

I've been pickling a lot of veggies from the farmer's market. I found an awesome recipe on Pinterest and now I want to pickle everything!

Lastly, how I am normally without makeup and in my chill clothes with the babies on the couch. This is my happy place.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rustic roots...

Oh hi there! It's been way too long since I posted an outfit... I just received this beautiful burnt orange colored dress from Pink and Silver Fashion and I just love it! I saw it on IG and jumped at the opportunity to purchase it and I couldn't be more thrilled!! They even sent me a pair of earrings that I'm dying to wear. 

This has been my typical style lately... laid back with little black booties and a hat. It's so hot here in Austin that it's really hard to stay lookin' cute all day without melting. 

This Summer has been super challenging for both me and the Husbear. He is trying to wrap up a huge project at work (designing an arts center in Manor, Texas) and I am working on my crochet book while trying to juggle orders and keeping my stores well stocked. I just ship off a bunch of crochet taxi heads to some of my top stores so I'm glad that that's done with. Whew!

I seriously am looking forward to cooler weather but I know that won't be for a few more months. It been sheer hell driving my little VW around town with no a/c. It's not worth the amount to pay to have it repaired. VW's are super expensive to maintain... although they are great vehicles. I try to get what I need done early on in the morning while it's still cool out but it's still rough! #firstworldproblems

I'm just going to day dream about the weather in Ohio that my friends and family are experiencing right now... I hate football but miss football season. Is that a thing? I miss the crisp Autumn breeze and the spell of pumpkin spice and apple cider. I live for Fall and we just don't get that here.... le sigh.

In other news our Pride of Barbados is off the chain!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking up on little ol' me. I'll be back to blogging on a more regular basis once things calm down around here. Until then...


Dress: Pink and Silver Fashion
Hat: Target
Booties: Target
Ring: SoLa

bre pea.